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Top 10 T-Shirt Design Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

T-shirts are forever. It means these wardrobe essentials won’t go out of fashion. The growing interest has led to custom t-shirts that you keep updating according to the trends. Here, in this blog, we have rounded off top 10 t-shirt design trends to watch out for in 2024. Keep scrolling to know more.

There is no match for the t-shirt craze. The wardrobe staple is what we see everyone cuddling in when going on a date, stepping out for a party, shopping around, or relaxing on the couch. This fandom has taken a new turn with the evolvement of custom clothing. T-shirt design trends also keep evolving, with some designs making comebacks.

The type of custom shirts you choose for your dressing or gifting purposes define your taste. It also gives you a way to express yourself through designs and sets you apart from others. Each t-shirt added to your wardrobe isn’t just an addition to your fashion choices but a reflection of your personality. After all, fashion has to reflect who you are.

With custom t-shirt printing going online, it has become easier to stay in trend, reflect your personality, and be a fashion connoisseur of super cool t-shirts. The trend has surged the global custom t-shirt printing market, estimated to touch the $3.1 billion mark by 2025.

Here Are 10 T-Shirt Design Trends You’ll Love To Have In 2024

Here Are 10 T-Shirt Design Trends You’ll Love To Have In 2024

Here are 10 T-shirt design trends you're going to love in 2024 as follows:

01. Crypto T-Shirts

Crypto has grown exponentially in the past few years. Lately, interest related to crypto has fueled the fashion industry too. With the rise of NFT art, 2024 will have many people looking for crypto or NFT art-inspired t-shirts.

New concepts, terms, jokes, and cartoons like bored ape will also rule supreme in the custom shirts design. And, if you’re into NFT art designs, you can leverage it to your advantage.

02. Lettering T-Shirts

Do you like expressing your thoughts in words combined with fashion? If yes, be ready to find lettering t-shirts flying around. Designers have been eyeing this trend for longer, and now they are capitalizing on text t-shirt designs more than ever. You can get these custom shirts designed for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and other events.

03. Anime T-Shirts

Top 10 t-shirt design trends demand for anime t-shirts remains strong when it comes to the custom tees list. This is a go-to style for t-shirt lovers who don’t mind seeing it across trend cycles. The traditional Japanese anime characters have a stronghold over people for all the right reasons. It’s for one reason that it evokes a classical Japanese aesthetic.

04. Retro or Vintage T-Shirts

Retro or Vintage T-Shirts

Top 10 t-shirt design trends Retro or vintage t-shirt design isn’t going to fade away. It is classic but trendy, and people love to flaunt them whenever they get a chance. The style looks pleasing to the eye, and the design ranges from funny quotes to funny images and more. From 90’s retro vibes to 80’s big and bright fashion, you will find this t-shirt trend transcending all the retro boundaries.

05. Minimalistic T-Shirt

Whether you buy custom long sleeve shirts or 3/4 sleeve shirts, minimalistic typography or design is what you’ll see leading in 2024. The young generation is sure to take minimalism to the next level. Minimalistic designs are easy to create, but you need a perfect design concept to nail it.

06. Rainbowcore Aesthetic

It’s an aesthetic that focuses on rainbows. The aesthetic contains overlapping with scenes, kidcore, glowwave, and more. Be it a custom hoodie, tank top or shirt design; you can quickly get this aesthetic printed on it for a colorful look and vibe.

07. Plain Text T-Shirts

The elegance that the plain text oozes is unmatched. 2024 t-shirt design trend is said to have shirt designs with plain text. Whether you choose a funny line, a sarcastic punchline, or a simple sweet text, it’s entirely up to you.

08. Pun T-Shirts

Puns are here to stay. You should never ignore them because they look classic. Some puns are funny, and then there are unusual bad puns that turn funny when people flaunt them on a tee.

09. Psychedelic T-Shirts

The interest in psychedelic t-shirts is getting stronger day by day. Whether it’s a magic mushroom or fantastic fungi, you can create a custom psychedelic t-shirt with a touch of hilarity, sarcasm, or cuteness.

Designers put forth many designs inspired by the psychedelic community to wow customers. If you are one of them, you can find hundreds of ideas around and turn them into beautiful designs.

10. Pixel Art T-Shirts

Pixel Art T-Shirts

Thanks to NFTs, pixel art is gaining its momentum again. Let’s admit it they look fantastic and clever. Anyways, pixel art design with a customized message can go a long way in taking your fashion game to the next level. If you have a powerful idea, go ahead; give it a pixel art form.


So, these were top 10 t-shirt design trends that will dominate in 2024. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a custom clothing designer, a fashion lover, or a gift hunter; keeping an eye on upcoming trends is sure to give you an edge over others. Meanwhile, don’t forget to Basico Apparel’s custom t-shirt maker to bring your ideas to life.


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