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The Best 7 Places to Buy Wholesale T-Shirts for Cheap

Wholesale t-shirts are a great option for individuals, businesses and organizations looking to buy large quantities of clothing. This can be for resale or custom printing. It could also be for event promotion, personal use, or resale. Wholesale distributors, both online as well as offline, offer a variety of blank tee shirts in various styles, colors and materials. 

There are many options for bulk t-shirts, from trusted brands such as Basico Apparel, Gildan, Hanes and Bella+Canvas to specialized wholesalers like ShirtSpace or TSC Apparel. 

When choosing the best wholesaler, factors such as pricing, minimum orders, material quality and shipping terms are important. Researching and testing the products before making a purchase can help ensure that the final product meets both budget and quality requirements, whether it is for retail or custom branding.

We've got your back. We've compiled a list of 7 top wholesalers so you can buy t-shirts in bulk and not spend too much money. Our guide will help you find the perfect wholesaler for your t-shirts.

What Are Wholesale T-Shirts?

What Are Wholesale T-Shirts

Wholesale t-shirts, also known as bulk tees, are blank items of clothing that are often sold in larger quantities. This allows them to be cheaper per unit. They are available in many different styles, colors, and sizes and are manufactured by a variety of brands. What are they?


The majority of wholesale t-shirts come in cotton or cotton blends. These materials have been chosen because of their durability, breathability and comfort. They are suitable for daily wear.


Many t-shirts have a neckline without tags, which can increase comfort by eliminating clothing labels.


These t-shirts are highly versatile due to their blank nature. The t-shirts can be used plain or customized with screen printing and other printed designs to give them a unique appearance. They are popular for a variety of uses, including team uniforms, promotions, and retail items.

Athletic Clothing:

Several t-shirts that are designed for wholesale can also be used for athletic wear. These t-shirts can be made of special fabrics which wick away moisture, making them a great choice for fitness centers or sports teams.

Drop Ship Services: 

Some wholesalers of t-shirts also offer drop-ship service. They can then send your t-shirts to your customers directly, saving you the hassle of managing inventory.


The price of wholesale tee shirts depends on both the supplier and quantity ordered. The price of a t-shirt will generally decrease the more you buy.

    Wholesale T-Shirt Distributors

    Are you looking for wholesale t-shirt distributors who can help your small business come to life? These top choices are affordable and of high quality. Wholesale T-shirt distributors play a pivotal role in the expansive apparel industry, serving as crucial intermediaries between manufacturers and retailers. These distributors specialize in procuring large quantities of T-shirts directly from manufacturers, allowing them to capitalize on economies of scale and negotiate favorable pricing.

    Basico Apparel

    Basico Apparel

    Basico Apparel is a wholesale marketplace that connects retailers and boutiques to trusted top vendors. Retailers can meet their customers' needs by offering a wide range of products, such as apparel, T-shirts and Hoodies. Customers can benefit from exclusive benefits, competitive pricing and volume discounts.
    Basico Apparel has all the wholesale and retail apparel you need for your custom clothing business.


    Gildan's wide variety of colors and styles makes it a popular choice for wholesale t-shirts. Small businesses can choose from a wide range of affordable options that don't compromise on quality. Gildan also owns American Apparel and Comfort Colors to add more options to their already extensive collection. Gildan's commitment to ethical manufacturing and sustainability is another reason that many businesses choose Gildan for their wholesale t-shirts.


    Hanes wholesale t-shirts are known for their durable and comfortable fabrics. The company offers a variety of styles including trendy and classic options. This makes them an excellent choice for small business. Hanes offers a variety of customization options, including embroidery and screen-printing to help create brand merchandise. Hanes offers wholesale t-shirts at competitive prices and with a good reputation for quality.

    Bella + Canvas

    Bella + Canvas is known for its high-quality products and affordability, which makes them an excellent choice for bulk purchases. They offer a variety of styles and colors to suit all tastes and needs. Bella + Canvas offers a simple online ordering process, and fast shipping to ensure quick delivery. Bella + Canvas offers a good selection of wholesale tees.

    The Adair Group

    Adair Group, a wholesale clothing distribution company based in Atlanta Georgia, offers apparel and accessories to screen printers and embroiderers as well as promotional product distributors. The company's competitive pricing and quick shipping options are well-known. They have over 50 years of industry experience and offer a variety of affordable, stylish and fashionable shirt options, including popular brands like Gildan, Hanes and Jerzees, alongside Fruit of the Loom.

    Spectra, USA

    Spectra USA, a leading wholesaler and manufacturer of t-shirts with high quality in the US, are a leader in this industry. They have a variety of tees, such as basic, fashion and performance tees, in different colors, styles and sizes. Spectra USA offers customization services to customers who want to design their own logos or designs using the latest printing and embroidery technologies. 

    The company has a great customer service team that is available to answer all questions. They are committed to sustainability. Spectra USA, a renowned wholesale t-shirt supplier, offers NAFTA-approved fabrics, which are easily washable. They also offer fast turnarounds, low order minimums and a variety of options for men and women.



    ShirtCotton has a large selection of affordable, high-quality t-shirts available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. They are a reliable choice for bulk orders because of their competitive prices and excellent customer service. They can deliver products within two days, as they have distribution centers all over the US. ShirtCotton specializes on wholesale blank t shirts from leading brands like Next Level Apparel Dickies, Yupoong and more. Color options start at $3.


    Wholesale t-shirts are a cost-effective and practical option that can be used by individuals, businesses and organizations. The availability of a wide range of online and offline suppliers and distributors has made it easier to obtain bulk quantities of blank T-shirts. When choosing a wholesaler, popular options include Basico Apparel, Gildan, Hanes, Anvil, and Next Level Apparel, each offering a range of high-quality t-shirts at competitive prices.

    You should consider factors such as material, price, minimum orders, shipping terms, and quality. If you are purchasing t-shirts for resale or custom printing, or to use at promotional events or for personal use, it is important to do thorough research, request samples, and ensure they meet the desired standards. Wholesale options allow buyers to obtain high-quality clothing at affordable prices. This allows them to meet their needs quickly and efficiently.

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