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The Ultimate Poly Mailer Size Guide: What Size Poly Bags For Hoodies

Poly Mailers, or shipping polymailers, are envelope bags made of Low-Density Polyethylene. Poly mailers are made from a lightweight, flexible and durable material that is resistant to weather, dust and dirt. These mailers bags offer a great alternative to corrugated or cardboard packaging. These bags are a great way to protect and transport hoodies. 

Most standard hoodies can be packaged in poly bags that are 12 by 15 inches. This size provides ample space for the garment without compressing it. Determining what size poly bags for hoodies to use depends on the dimensions of the specific garments.

The seal on the bag is designed to keep your product secure and safe until it's opened.

You may have received a tee-shirt, hoodie or other personal care product in the mail. It was likely packaged in a flexible and durable shipping bag. These tear-resistant bags are perfect for shipping products. They can protect your items from contamination or external elements. The envelopes can be opened by your customers and recycled instead of the bulky cardboard boxes.

Poly Mailers Size Guide: What size poly bags for hoodies

The Ultimate Poly Mailer Size Guide: What Size Poly Bags For Hoodies

Considering the thickness and durability, what size poly bags for hoodies would provide the best protection during shipping and storage

Before buying bulk polymailers, it is important to get the correct size. You can buy poly mailers in bulk with confidence once you have mastered the art of measuring to determine the correct mailer size

It is important to measure accurately if the item has a bulky shape or if it is shaped irregularly. As a general rule, the bag should be large enough to hold the item inside securely. The larger the item, the bigger you will need your mailer to be.

Choosing the right size poly mailer or poly bag for hoodies depends on the specific dimensions of the hoodies you're packaging.

Choosing The Right Size Poly Bags For Hoodies

  • Measure the length, width, and thickness of a folded hoodie.
  • Consider the dimensions when the hoodie is packaged in its final folded form.
  • Take into account the thickness of the hoodie when folded. This is especially important if your hoodies are made of thicker material or have embellishments like embroidery.
  • The length of the poly bag should be longer than the hoodie to allow for easy insertion and removal. A good rule of thumb is to add a few inches to the length of the hoodie.
  • The width of the poly bag should accommodate the folded width of the hoodie. It's better to have a bit of extra space on either side rather than choosing a bag that is too snug.

Consider Hoodie Dimensions

Consider Hoodie Dimensions

It is important to take into account the dimensions of hoodies before selecting the poly bag for packaging. To determine the right size, measure the folded hoodie on its flat side.

Common Polybag Sizes

"Considering the variations in hoodie sizes, what size poly bags for hoodies would be suitable for a range of dimensions?"A poly bag of around 12 by 15 inches is a good size for standard-sized hoodies. This size is ideal for most hoodies, as it allows them to be packed comfortably without excessive compression.

Bulkier Designs Or Larger Hoodies

Choose larger bags when dealing with hoodies that are larger or have bulkier designs. By choosing bags that are slightly larger than standard sizes, the hoodie will fit comfortably and not be compressed tightly. This prevents damage to the garment.

Thickness And Protection

Take into consideration the thickness of the polybags. The bags should be thicker to protect the hoodie during storage, transportation and from external factors such as moisture or tears.

A Proper Fit For Preservation

"What size poly bags for hoodies do you typically stock in your packaging supplies?"It is important to choose the correct size poly bag for the hoodies in order to maintain their quality and appearance. Avoid bags that are too tight, as they could cause the garment to deform or wrinkle. Instead, choose sizes that fit the hoodie comfortably and without excess pressure.

Measuring Accuracy

To ensure that the poly bag size is accurate, measure the hoodies flat and folded. This method ensures a good fit and sufficient protection without compromising garment integrity.


To conclude, what size poly bags for hoodies would best accommodate bulky or oversized designs? Choosing the right size poly bag for packaging hoodies will ensure the best protection and presentation. Standard sizes of 12 by 15 inches work well for most hoodies. However, larger or bulkier styles may need slightly bigger bags in order to prevent compression and damage. It is also important to consider the thickness of the poly bag or its gauge in order to ensure adequate protection for storage and transport. By choosing the right size poly bag, you can maintain the integrity of your hoodie. This will prevent deformation and preserve its quality all the way from the production stage to the end user. You can protect hoodies by carefully selecting the right size poly bags. They are also convenient for shipping or retail.

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