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How To Style An Oversized T-Shirt

You love to be a fashionista but are you running out of ideas for how you can style your basic pieces? We know what the deal is! "Discovering how to style an oversized T-shirt with different accessories allows for endless fashion possibilities and unique looks."

This blog will show you how to create some amazing styles with the most basic, overused, but also most loved, clothing item in your wardrobe.

A t-shirt that is too big has become a popular fashion statement in recent years. Oversized tee shirts are made of a looser material that drapes over the body in a relaxed manner. They can be worn at any time. These shoes are very versatile, and they look good with anything. They can be worn with jeans and sneakers as well as with skirts and heels.

They are being worn to make a statement. While they were once associated with a casual look, now they can be seen as an expression of fashion. You can use them to show off your style and express yourself. If you know how to wear an oversized shirt, then you can join the bandwagon. Continue reading to find out more!

How To Style An Oversized T-Shirt?

How To Style An Oversized T-Shirt

"Mastering how to style an oversized T-shirt involves incorporating creative techniques such as knotting, tucking, or layering for a personalized fashion statement." Style an oversized t-shirt in a variety of ways to create trendy, comfortable looks. You can opt for a more casual look by pairing an oversized tee and leggings with skinny jeans or tights. To add a stylish twist, you can tuck the top into the waistband of your jeans or ties a knot on the side. Another great technique is to layer. Throw on a leather or denim jacket over your tee and you'll get a stylish, layered look. Try adding accessories such as chunky necklaces or scarves to the outfit. Wearing the oversized tee with one shoulder off creates a stylish, yet relaxed asymmetrical style. If you want to give your outfit a more edgy feel, pair the tee up with sneakers and biker shorts. The beauty of styling an over-sized T-shirt is its versatility. It allows for personal expression and creative experimentation.

Why Is Oversized T-Shirt Styling Important For Your Outfit?

You must have been wondering how to style a oversized T-shirt and what to pair it with. Style the oversized shirt to avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed.

Even though oversized t-shirts are a great way to express your personality, it is important to take some time to create a well-put together outfit.

You must be aware of the many ways to wear oversized t-shirts. They can make you appear stylish, and they will flatter your body. "Exploring various ways on how to style an oversized T-shirt helps in creating effortless yet fashionable ensembles for any occasion."

How To Style On Oversized T-Shirt For Women?

When you know how to style an oversized T-shirt, you'll be able to transform your casual wardrobe into chic, versatile looks." You must have read at least 100 articles about style. All with the same tips. Style your hair with these unique ideas!

Must love oversized t-shirts if you enjoy all things chic and comfortable. Here are some female oversized t-shirt styles.

1. Style Your Oversized T-Shirts For A Casual Look

Pair neutrals and pastels with cycling shorts This look is perfect for any occasion, whether it's a gym session or a fashion show. It's versatile and cozy!

Combine your oversized neutral or pastel t-shirt with the cycling shorts you have hidden in your closet. For a stylish look, add a chain neckchain or hoops to your outfit, along with funky socks and sneakers. You can also carry a tiny purse or a small fannypack.

2. Dress Up In Oversized T-Shirts For A Night Out

Have you thought about styling an oversize t-shirt for a night on the town or other special occasions? You should. It will not only make you standout, but also showcase your own unique style.

Choose a skirt that suits your style. It can be short, maxi or slit-free. Tuck the top in. Add accessories such as a watch, or piece thigh jewelry for skirts that have slits.

3. Oversized Tee And Denim Shorts With A Twist

Choose your graphic-printed or quote-printed oversized tee and pair it with your denim shorts. Add a statement belt and a sleek buckle to the look. White sneakers and hoops will complete it.

To complete your look, make sure the shorts you choose are comfortable and well-fitted. They should not be too tight or too loose.

4. Make It A Dress...

But with a twist. It's boring to wear a plain, oversized T-shirt as a dress! Let's get some inspiration from Kylie Jenner. Sometimes her style is out of mythology. We love her, or at least envy her.

Take a long, oversized t-shirt, add a corset and pair it with thigh high boots. This look can be worn with heels or even a long oversized t-shirt. Let your hair down and enjoy the diva-like look.

5. Never Go Wrong With Trousers

A graphic t-shirt with straight faux leather trousers is always a good choice. Add your best sunglasses, a neckpiece with layers, and a bag to complete the look.

How To Layer For A Chic Oversized T-Shirt Outfit?

How To Layer For A Chic Oversized T-Shirt Outfit?

Wear high-waisted leggings or skinny jeans to balance out the loose shape of the oversized shirt. Wear a denim jacket, either distressed or cropped, or a leather moto jacket to create a stylish contrast. This will also help you define your waistline. Finish the look off with chunky ankle boots or sneakers for a modern, effortless feel. 

Consider tying the oversized shirt at the waist for a playful effect. Layer patterns, like a graphic T-shirt and a jacket in leopard print, to show off your style.

How To Style An Oversized T-Shirt For Men?

Men, men, men! We understand how frustrating it is to have limited options for styling your clothing. But fret not! You are in for a surprise if you consider what to do with your oversized shirts. Here is a list that will help you stand out with your oversized t-shirts.

1. Pair Them With Ripped Joggers

You can look stylish and comfortable. Put on an oversized t-shirt and a pair ripped joggers to create a streetwear look. Combat boots can make your outfit complete.

2. Pair Them With Denims 

We don't just mean jeans and oversized tees. Grab your straight-leg or skinny jeans (Yes!) Wear an oversized shirt and a pair of jeans. Complete the look with a denim jacket, a neck chain and a link. Add a graphic, oversized t-shirt to jeans and complete the look with ankle top sneakers.

3. Shorts That Are Easy To Wear

Shorts and an over-sized t-shirt go well together. Add a flannel top to the t-shirt for a unique look. Don't forget to wear your favorite sneakers - the whiter, the better.  Choose an oversize tee in a neutral color to bring out the look.

4. Layer It Up

How can you show off your sweatshirt in cold weather with an oversize t-shirt? Wear your tee and then put on your sweatshirt to reveal the bottom of your t-shirt. You'd have to agree that this is a very edgy style! (*pun intended)

Sleek It Up

Who would have thought an over-sized t-shirt could work in a formal setting as well? Wear a tee and a pair well-fitted pant to create a stylish ensemble. The tee can be tucked in or left as is depending on the occasion. You can also add some fun with a pair or ankle-top Converse.

Don't forget to accessorize with jewelry, even if you are a woman. It will make you appear more elegant and regal.

Sleek It Up


Understanding how to style an oversized T-shirt gives you the freedom to play with proportions and experiment with different silhouettes." Fashion isn't restrictive. You can create the look you want by playing around with fashion. If you want to create the looks and ideas above, visit Basico apparel to find unique and high-quality oversized t-shirts for men and women.

Whether you choose to go for a casual, sporty, or chic look, the key is to balance the proportions and create a flattering silhouette. Experiment with different accessories, layering techniques, and knotting options to find the style that suits you best


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